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Lubanga Trial: November in Review

Court was held in closed session from November 1 through November 5 as the defense stated it would not be able to question witness known as ‘intermediary 321’ in a public session as he would be asked about several people whose identities are unprotected.

From November 8 through November 12, ‘intermediary 316’ was asked whether he had paid off and coached ‘witness 15′ to lie and tell investigators that ‘witness 15’ was a former child soldier, as ‘witness 15’ had testified to the Court in June 2009. ‘Intermediary 316’ stated “This is false. I did not give him any names, and I did not make any comments concerning this” and further testified that he did not pay any witnesses either.

An investigator for the ICC, known in Court as ‘witness 582,’ gave evidence in a closed session deposition during which he responded to allegations from ‘witness 15’ that ‘Intermediary 316’ bribed ‘witness 15’ to say he was a former child soldier. The rest of the week was held in closed session for the remainder of his testimony.

On November 22, OTP investigator Nicolas Sebire, also known as ‘witness 583′, testified that he did not suspect that ‘witness 15’ had lied during his investigation and denied further allegations of fraud.  Later in the week, ‘witness 38’, who states that he is a former child soldier, told the Court that he had not lied to the Court and was not bribed: “I only said what I knew or had done. I did not blow anything out of proportion or leave anything out. It is a question of morality, of ethical standards. I am from a Christian family. . . . Lying is a sin. I would rather have problems with myself than problems with morality.”

The defense’s request for more time to file a motion for dismissal of the trial for abuse of process by December 10 was denied by the Court.

This post was created by Kate Davey through sourcing from the reporting of  Wairagala Wakabi and Judith Armatta from and from one of our partners AEGIS Trust.


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