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The mission of Child Soldier Relief Foundation (CSR), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code, is to advocate on behalf of child soldiers by serving as a central repository of information on all topics relating to the topic of child soldiers.

Education Portal

The Education Portal at CSRF will challenge students and educators worldwide to think critically and share ideas on urgent issues relating to child soldiers in a multi-media environment.

Goals and Objectives

Child Soldier Relief Foundation has two overreaching goals: 1) build and nurture an interactive coalition of like-minded organizations and people, strengthening the effort to advocate on behalf of former child soldiers; 2) facilitate the exchange of information making it easier for everyone to access information, share resources and to develop and improve their programs.

Our Education Portal Project will raise awareness about the issue of former child soldiers, with the aim to increase participation by educators and students in longer term advocacy efforts.  By taking advantage of the number of Internet users CSRF’s education initiative will not educate on not only specific topics but perhaps more importantly, the scope of the problem. CSRF’s goal is to provide a public domain and virtual meeting place where academics, students, and professionals can share information, learn about issues related to child soldiers and engage with each other to discuss best practices in the field. Our users will have access to academic materials as well as the most current information and news on issues related to child soldiers. Our educational hub will highlight our partner organizations working to help former child soldiers so in addition to providing educational tools for students and educators, students will have the chance to link directly with specific organizations for an even deeper interactive learning experience. These partnerships will enable the user to learn not only about the issues, but also about the players who are currently involved in helping former child soldiers. Our education initiative will be accessible and available free of charge for students and academics who would like to teach about child soldiers in the classroom.

Detailed description: Education Portal

Our goal for the Education Portal is to provide a virtual public meeting place where academics, students, and professionals can share information, learn about issues related to child soldiers and encourage activism and advocacy on child soldier issues.  The portal will introduce multi-media, lesson plans, curricula and critical materials to students. Educators, researchers and administrators will weigh in.  Anyone is welcome to engage and share their ideas.

Objective 1.1

Create a navigable source of information related to child soldiers.  The portal will feature an interactive map, through which students can research country and region specific challenges and initiatives.  This map will include multimedia voices on the issue of child soldiers, daily twitter updates on regional and country-specific issues, as well as discussion guides for direct use in the classroom.  Our relationships with our partners will be a vital part of this where experts and practitioners will discuss their work and engage students through text, audio and video multi-media.

Objective 1.2

To form alliances with organizations who currently have lesson plans and other educational resources so as to have the most comprehensive library of lesson plans and organizations advocating on behalf of former child soldiers in one easily accessible place.

Objective 1.3

Connect students with world-wide initiatives that further the protection and rehabilitation of former child soldiers.  Inform schools about opportunities to raise funds and awareness of specific programs, and create partnerships with sponsor schools working with a common initiative.

Objective 1.4

To design lesson plans to complement the current list of books and media related to child soldiers. Lesson plans will be designed in a multi-media fashion using film clips, literature and book excerpts and will be used in schools and community centers to raise awareness about child soldiers and pique interest in the literature and films available to the public.

Stay tuned.

Creative Commons License
CSRF Educational Portal by Child Soldier Relief is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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If you have a lesson plan you would like to share, please upload it using the following form.



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