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Taliban Abducts hundreds of Teenagers in North Waziristan

On Monday, the Taliban allegedly kidnapped more than 400 people – mostly teenagers – from a group of students and teachers near their school in North Waziristan.  According to the Associated Press, the “abduction occurred about 20 miles from Razmak Cadet College” where the students were from.   According to an eyewitness:

About 30 buses, cars and other vehicles were carrying the students, staff and others when they were stopped along the road by a large group of gunmen in their own vehicles, according to a school employee who was among those who escaped. He said the vehicle he was riding in happened to be behind a truck on the road and thus it was less visible and able to slip away unnoticed.

The employee requested anonymity out of fear of Taliban reprisal and said the school’s principal was among those abducted. The staffer said the assailants carried rockets, Kalashnikovs, hand grenades and other weapons. He estimated about 400 captives were initially involved.

Most of the abducted were teenagers. According to AP, “Cadet colleges in Pakistan are usually run by retired military officers and educate teenagers.”

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