Child Soldier Relief


The mission of Child Soldier Relief Foundation (CSR), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code, is to advocate on behalf of child soldiers by serving as a central repository of information on all topics relating to the topic of child soldiers.

Former child soldiers can be rescued and rehabilitated. Help us advocate, network and research to make this happen.

Check out what’s going on inside CSRFoundation this month.

Johnny Mad Dog Screening and Panel.

Christine Williams served on a panel following a screening of the film Johnny Mad Dog, along with David Smith from the United States Institute for Peace, and Samuel Sherman, assistant director for the film and founder of the Johnny Mad Dog Foundation. The film is a must-see; the actors are former child soldiers that Samuel helps support through the work of his foundation. Stay tuned for details on more screenings and an upcoming collaboration with Samuel and his organization.

Johnny Mad Dog is a 2008 French/Liberian film directed by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, based on the novel Johnny Chien Méchant (2002) by the Congolese author Emmanuel Dongala, and starring Christopher Minie, Daisy Victoria Vandy, Dagbeh Tweh, Barry Chernoh, Mohammed Sesay and Joseph Duo.

Contact us for more information if you or your school is interested in screening the film.

GWU Grand Rounds: Topic Northern Ugandan Former Child Soldiers.

April 14 Christine Williams participated in a discussion on DDR (demobilization, disarmament and rehabilitation) techniques and programs after a presentation by Dr. Robert Meisner on his recent research of trauma in former child soldiers in Northern Uganda, at the PGY-II Grand Rounds at GWU Hospital (Washington, DC). Dr. Meisner led a lively debate on how “traditional cleansing rituals help to reintegrate soldiers into a perceived ‘safe’ attachment network where previous trauma can be explored.” A trauma counselor from Northern Virginia Family Service also contributed her findings on using art therapy for war-affected children from Sierra Leone.

Act.  Check out CSR’s new cause page on Facebook.

Join our Cause.  And our new page.  Stop for a moment and consider giving your time.  Or support us with a donation towards one of our newest collaborative research projects: “Ensuring proper mental health care: an analysis of lessons learned from a selection of centers that treat former child soldiers.”  We can’t do it without you!


An interview with Christine Williams on the Santa Fe, Be Me Better Radio Show on 1260 KTRC (stay tuned for broadcast date).  In May, CSRF heads to NYC for a presentation with General Dallaire and meetings with our partner organizations Child Soldiers Initiative and Mandala House.  And a hearty welcome to our grant-writing intern Leslie Giamo who starts May 1.

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  1. I am a very good source for that (Liberian civil war to DDRR; reintegration of child soldiers in post-war Liberia and the TRC processes, direct information about child soldiers in Liberia and neighboring Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast.) As manager of a child soldier foundation in Monrovia called “Johnny mad Dog Foundation” I am an expert with these child victims.

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