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Lubanga Trial to Resume January 7

After a delay of more than five months, the International Criminal Court will resume the trial of  Thomas Lubanga Dyilo next week.  The defense will present its case against the original charges of enlisting, conscripting and using child soldiers under the age of 15;  significantly, in early December noted, “appeals judges reversed a July decision that could have paved the way for charges of sexual slavery and cruel and inhumane treatment to be added to the indictment.”  Presiding judge Adrian Fulford emphasized that there would be no further delays to the trial.  Also, on December 15, 2009, the court released the:

Redacted Decision on the “Prosecution’s Request for Lifting of Redactions to the Identity of One Individual providing Rule 77 Information and Request for Redactions further to Article 54(3)(f) and Rules 81(2) and 81(4)” and “Prosecution’s application for variation in the protective measures concerning witness 44 and witness 101” of 24 July 2009. (see for more information.)

Prosecution rested its case on July 14.


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