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Lubanga Trial: Week 21 in Review – PROTECTING WITNESSES

The trial resumed on Tuesday, June 30, as the witness, who recanted his testimony in the beginning of the trial and has now offered a new statement, which he says is true, requested that his new statement be kept confidential from the public and Lubanga.  Catherine Mabille, Lubanga’s lead attorney, explained to the Court that this would be “impossible” and Judge Adrian Fulford said that while Lubanga would know about the witness’s statement, the Court would “take all necessary steps” to offer protection to the witness and his family

The Court was closed on Wednesday and resumed on Thursday with the testimony of a witness who told the Court that many girl child soldiers in the UPC were raped by commanders and as a result had very few options if they were able to escape or leave the UPC. The witness continued to explain that because the girls were shamed and rejected by their communities for being raped, when the they would go home, “Most of the girls ended up being prostitutes.”

On Friday a protected witness explained that former child soldiers experience both mental and physical pains after leaving the UPC

The trial will resume on Tuesday.
This post was created by Kate Davey through sourcing from the reporting of Rachel Irwin for


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