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Lubanga Trial: Week 20 in Review – TESTIMONY ON THE RAPE OF GIRL SOLDIERS

The trial resumed on Monday with the continued testimony of the witness from Friday, who further explained to the Court that girl child soldiers were raped and impregnated by UPC commanders.

“[The commanders] took girls and would get them pregnant, and then these girls had to leave the camp and go [back] to the village,” the witness said.

On June 24th, Lubanga’s lead attorney, Catherine Mabille, told the Court that Witness 15, who gave Prosecutors a false statement, had given another statement to the Court and could be questioned on Tuesday.  

On Thursday, Court was in a closed session as a protected witness testified.

On Friday, a witness who had worked in a demobilization center for child soldiers told the Court that it was difficult for former child soldiers to be accepted by society and their families after they escape or leave the UPC. 

The witness stated, “You must understand that such children killed, plundered…and raped girls…and old women. That is why many communities did not want to receive the children back.” 

He further explained to the Court that a child would typically stay at the demobilization center for 90 days and during that time counselors from the center would work with the child’s family on taking the child back.  In addition, the center would offer pyschological services for the former child soldiers as well.

Court resumes on June 30.

This post was created by Kate Davey through sourcing from the reporting of Rachel Irwin for

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