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Law and Order SVU episode tackles child soldier, sex slave issues

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit broadcast an episode that addresses former LRA child soldiers and sex slaves from Uganda, living as refugees in the  United States.  The show was called “Hell”, and was “based on the experiences of child soldiers and sexual slaves in Central Africa.”  

From the Enough Project:

In the episode, entitled “Hell,” a young female Ugandan turns up in New York City with a severe knife wound, and doctors notice that her body displays evidence of long-term physical and sexual abuse. The young African girl, when asked who hurt her, makes a stick drawing of a devil. The girl’s character, and that of a young boy – a former “child soldier” – were written to symbolize the plight of survivors of the 22-year war in Northern Uganda waged by the Lord’s Resistance Army…

And John Prendergast, co-founder of Enough said:

Law & Order is taking on the very hard issue of child soldiers in a sensitive way.  The death of Elijah, the former child soldier, illuminates the stories of thousands of children all around the world who are in captivity, forced to fight in wars and commit atrocities. The hell on earth referred to in the episode is the area of central Africa destabilized by the Lord’s Resistance Army, a Ugandan militia that abducts children to act as child soldiers and sex slaves. Countering the LRA and freeing the child soldiers and concubines are urgent human rights priorities. International action is needed, and hopefully the Law & Order episode can contribute to galvanizing that action.

The episode was provocative and worth checking out.   For more information go to

The episode can now be found here.


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