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Lubanga Trial: Week 7 in Review – EXECUTING ESCAPEES

The following post was created by Kate Davey through sourcing from the reporting of Rachel Irwin and Wairagala Wakabi for

The Lubanga Trial was delayed from Monday, March 9 through Thursday, March 12 during which 5 new International Criminal Court judges were sworn in at the Court.  

On Friday, March 13 the trial resumed with the testimony of a former child soldier who explained that if child soldiers tried to escape the UPC, they would be executed.

“Our commander gave an order to a soldier who had a weapon. He said ‘take a weapon and execute this young boy who tried to flee, and give an example to everyone who tries to flee,’” stated the witness.

He also explained that girl child soldiers were forced to have sexual relations with the UPC commadners.

“Some commanders took girls who were recruits and said today you come and sleep with me … The commanders would come along, choose a girl and go with the girl. So the girl wasn’t allowed to say no,” the witness explained.

The trial resumes today.


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