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Former girl soldier testifies at Charles Taylor Trial

Former “Small Girl Unit” child soldier testified last week at the Charles Taylor trial, describing torture, rape and forced labor by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) in 1994.   

For the trial official transcript, click here.

Here is a summary from

The 66th prosecution witness said her primary school was hosting their annual athletics meet when the rebels struck rudely interrupting it.  She said she was raped by the rebels who abandoned her in the bush and was later discovered by the then RUF patrol commander whom she identified as “O.C. Blood” who took her along with him…  

Edna said she underwent a 2-week training in a camp around Buedu together with 50 other captives trained by training instructor Monica Pearson whom, the witness alleged, spoke Liberian English.  She narrated how she used to carry a gun even though she was very young. ‘Because I was very small, the gun had a belt and at any time I wanted to use the gun I would just take the gun, put it somewhere higher than me and then I would go underneath it and put my head through the belt and then put it round me’…

After the training, Edna said she was enlisted in the Small Girls Unit (SGU) which, together with the Small Boys Unit (SBU), comprised young girls and boys aged between 10 and 13 years, captured and conscripted by the rebels.  Edna pointed out that rebel commanders used the SBUs as security guards who carried guns wherever their bosses went, and the SGUs as house help to the wives of the rebels… 



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