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The mission of Child Soldier Relief Foundation (CSR), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code, is to advocate on behalf of child soldiers by serving as a central repository of information on all topics relating to the topic of child soldiers.

Treatment Centers in Uganda

Here is a list – by no means comprehensive – of organizations, centers, (centres) that treat former child soldiers and child victims of war in Uganda.  Lists for other countries are in the works and will follow. 

  • Freidis Rehabilitation and Disable Centre – Uganda.  The Centre, which opened in February, is home to 28 children who were either born with disabilities or suffered injuries in combat. During their three-to-six month stay, children receive medical treatment, educational opportunities, counseling sessions, singing, dancing, athletics and making new friends.
  • Northern Uganda Youth Development Centre – Uganda.   A Government of Uganda project located in Gulu district and currently supported with funding from the Commonwealth Secretariat.  The project aims to help young people in Northern Uganda reclaim their identity through decent employment and positive living. The project currently targets young people aged 15 to 25 years old in Gulu District and will subsequently expand to cover the Acholi sub-region.
  • Children of War Rehabilitation Center – Uganda.  Here children and former child soldiers are received and counseled.
  • Concerned Parents Association – Uganda.  Advocacy for the immediate release of all abductees, reintegration of all former abductees into the society, to halt further abduction of innocent citizens.
  • United Movement to End Child Soldiering – Uganda/Washington DC.  …focused on Great Lakes/East Africa and Southern Africa, and anchored in Uganda… are especially focused on Uganda – providing educational, psychosocial and family support to children, youth and communities affected by conflict, promoting the advancement of peace, contributing to building a culture of peace, and supporting the capacity building needs of grassroots organizations serving the needs of women and vulnerable children.
  • Uganda Community Based Association for Child Welfare (UCOBAC) Kamuli, Uganda.  Address the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, women and communities affected by war and conflict, HIV/AIDS, poverty and displacement through advocacy, networking, capacity building, skills training, empowerment of women and local communities, project initiation and direct service.
  • GULU SUPPORT THE CHILDREN ORGANIZATION (GUSCO) – Uganda (can’t find the website, might be defunct).  Address the dire psychosocial and reintegration needs of formerly abducted children, former child soldiers and other children and youth impacted by conflict from the war in Northern Uganda.   PO Box 405, Gulu.  Tel 256 (0) 471-32049
  • Invisible Children Scholarship Program – L.A./Uganda.  One of the greatest needs in northern Uganda and one of the largest gaps in development comes in the region’s access to secondary education. To address this problem we created the Visible Child Scholarship Program, an initiative that develops the leadership and life skill capacities of promising students. 
  • Peace Through Music – Uganda.  Through song, video and her stories of working with former child soldiers of northern Uganda, Contopulos will explore the power of creativity to foster healing and peace in the lives of children and their communities.   To contact her. 
  •  Sponsors educational programs for children of war in Uganda.
  • SOS Children’s Village – Gulu, Northern Uganda.  The day care centre, once under canvas, now has three permanent classrooms and there is also a large recently built basketball court near the medical centre, which is used by youth from the community. The place is buzzing with activity, especially when the SOS children come home from school and dominate the playground.
  • Gulu Community Social Support Counselling and Education Centre (GUCOSS) – Uganda.  Promotes the protection and respect of the rights of children and child mothers by providing social and economic empowerment. 
  • Caritas, Gulu – Uganda.  Works with community members in need of their programs, paying specific attend to formerly abducted children.  Provide emergency relief to war victims and other needy persons, psychosocial support program for war-affected persons.
  • Kitgum Concerned Women’s Association – Uganda.  A reception and reintegration center initially established by the IRC, for formerly abducted children.
  • The Fund for War Affected Youth in Northern Uganda – Canada.  The Uganda Fund was created to provide long-term financial support to promote sustainable peace and reconciliation in Northern Uganda. 
  • Christian Counselling Fellowship – Pader, Uganda. Tel 077551430, email
  • Rachele Rehabilitation Centre – Lira, Uganda


A word about reintegration from this article in the Sydney Morning Herald:

‘Everybody talks about reintegration, but no one gets to the heart of the matter,’ said Joann Pacoto, a local commissioner, who had to deal with a case of a child soldier who had returned to her village, snapped, and killed her father with a machete.  ‘It’s very complex. To get people who’ve spent 10 years in the bush to come back to regular life and be accepted, that is a problem.’


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2 Responses

  1. christiine says:

    im doing an assignment on child soldiers in Uganda, and need statistics, pictures graphes andthe churches view on this issue, i was wondering if you could help, because it’s very hard for me to find.

  2. childsoldierrelief says:

    We have a lot of information on this website on child soldier issues in Uganda – be sure to look under the “Uganda” and “Educational” categories, also under “Papers and Publications” at the top of the page.

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