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Video showing child soldiers being recruited, trained, and killed in Afghanistan

A video has made it’s way onto the internet, released recently by the extremist terror group Islamic Jihad Union (IJU).  The video shows children, mostly young adolescents, engaging in training activities for military operations.  The children are dressed in uniforms, are seen acting out maneuvers, holding and working weapons. 

The video is here.

According to ABC News, “the IJU is an Uzbekistan-based militant group that has now established operations in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area.”  ABC reports:

The evidently pre-teen children in the video are wearing fatigues and knit watchcaps and are armed with handguns and Kalashnikov rifles. The video shows them kneeling in a tent, standing at attention and running through tundra. One of the youths is repeatedly circled in red on the video, a sign that he is now dead…

The child with the circle around his head is evidently being identified for the ultimate sacrifice that he gave to IJU, namely his childhood and life.

For more information on the Islamic Jihad Union and child soldiers in Afghanistan, check out:

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