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Thomas Lubanga, accused recruiter of child soldiers, released from the Hague

Thomas Lubanga, Congolese militia leader who was facing trial this summer for charges of recruiting and conscripting children under the age 15, and using them to participate actively in hostilities during the conflict in the Ituri region of north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, has been released. 

Here is the press release from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

From this article:

Judges ordered the proceedings against Mr Lubanga to be halted due to concerns about whether he could get a fair trial as his defence cannot view some evidence against him.  He will remain in detention for a further five days to give the prosecution time to appeal.  The prosecution immediately confirmed that it would appeal Mr Lubanga’s release.

And from the Guardian:

The trial of Lubanga, who was transferred to the ICC in 2006, was to have been the first international war crimes case ever to focus solely on the use of child soldiers. As leader of the notorious Union of Congolese Patriots, Lubanga is accused of conscripting children under 15 to carry out attacks on civilians in the mineral-rich Ituri province in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2002 and 2003

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