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Child soldiers in India, says Hindustan Times paper

According to this article, child soldiers, acting as messengers, police trackers, etc have been seen entering the “Red Corridor” in India, and on videos.

According to Malkangiri SP Gajbhiye, the child soldiers perform several tasks ranging from actual combat to the laying of mines and explosives, tracking combing operations and spying. They also serve as couriers for the Maoist groups. Sources said Maoists are especially targeting children from poor families by promising them a future to live in dignity. Young girls too join such groups to escape being forced into early marriages and other kinds of exploitation.

Not sure on the accuracy of that reporting, but according to page 170 in the 2008 report by Coalition to Stop the use of Child Soldiers,

No information was available on how many under-18s were serving in the armed forces.  There were allegations that children were recruited by government-supported anti-Maoist village defense forces.  Armed groups, including Maoists, and groups in Jammu and Kashmir and in the north-east, were reported to be using children.  Children accused of membership of armed groups were detained in conflict areas.

It’s important to remember that child soldiers are not always fighting.  Some are used as cooks, prostitutes, messengers, etc and should be considered just as victimized.


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